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The Itchy Pooch is the only mobile pet groomer in the Hanford, Riverdale, and Lemoore area that offers premium pet grooming services at affordable prices. We dedicate our business to making you and your pet happy, to ensure that you keep coming back to us for all of your grooming needs. Here is our secret to keeping The Itchy Pooch the #1 choice in your mind when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your pet:

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All of our groomers come from distinct pet-service related backgrounds -- they are well-trained and ready to work for you! Our groomers are friendly, punctual, and are always attentive to the needs of you and your pet. They will arrive at your residence at the scheduled appointment time and give your pet the one-on-one attention they deserve. Unsure about what service you want for your pet? Our groomers will spend the time to walk you through all of our options to help you determine which choice is right for you.

The truth is most groomers (both mobile and stationary) will treat your pet as just another piece of their paycheck, to be processed as quickly as possible so they can move on and process the next one. Our bottom line? We are passionate about animals. A prerequisite for all of our employees is pet ownership, and most of us are multiple-pet owners. We understand that it is difficult to trust the well-being of your pet to someone else. Our goal is to work with you and your pet to develop a personal relationship of trust and understanding, so that your pet is comfortable throughout the entire grooming process, and you are 100% satisfied after every visit.


We know the economy is "ruff". Your gas prices are high and your discretionary income is low. Fortunately, you can depend on The Itchy Pooch to offer a higher-quality service than that of other groomers for a cost that is probably lower than you think! Plus, you will save valuable time and money by having us come to your door, instead of wasting half of your day with multiple trips to the salon. Your time is important! And the assurance that your pet is being individually comforted during their entire grooming experience is important too.

Join our family today! Please contact us to schedule your first appointment, and you will discover why starting a relationship with The Itchy Pooch is one of the most rewarding decisions you and your pet will ever make.


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subdog3Why is it time to go mobile?

Your time is a precious commodity. Who wants to make multiple trips to a grooming shop just to get their pet cleaned? More importantly, who wants their pet sitting in a cramped and unsanitary kennel -- like a prisoner! -- waiting for a busy and distracted groomer to attend to them? With The Itchy Pooch, these hassles are gone because our groomers come to you.

Does The Itchy Pooch serve my area?

The Itchy Pooch currently takes appointments in the areas between Lemoore, Hanford, and Riverdale. We are always looking to expand our business if the demand exists, so if you would like us come to your area, please let us know!

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