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The Itchy Pooch - Our Mobile Grooming Salon

The Itchy Pooch is proud to run our operation from a brand-new mobile grooming salon. Our salon will come right to your door -- 100% self-contained and requiring no external water or electrical hookups. We can guarantee that you and your pet will feel at ease with our clean environment, state-of-the art facilities, and high-tech equipment. During your appointment, feel free to come in and check out our new Itchy Pooch salon at any time to be confident that you and your pet are completely comfortable with your surroundings.

Our new salon features:

3-in-1 Electric Table - Lowers to 18", rises to 44", and rotates to 360°. No need to adjust the position of your pet. The table does it for us!

Two Motor High Velocity Dryer - Makes drying times shorter which means your pet will never be cage-dried.

Two 50-Gallon Water Tanks - No need to connect our water supply to your water supply. We are completely self-contained!

Stainless Steel Perforated Shelf in Tub - Raises the smallest dog 9" from the bottom of the tub, while leaving plenty of room for even the largest dog.

Walk Over Ramp - Eliminates the cumbersome lifting of your pet. Our van features a slide our bridge for easy transfer from table-to-tub.

Warm Jetted Hydro-Massage - Thouroughly cleans your pet while they relax and unwind, without using recycled water.

Climate Controlled Environment - Air conditioned cooled and heated salon for advanced temperature control, keeps your pet cool in hot environments and warm in cold environments.


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GroomingWhy choose The Itchy Pooch?

You should be able to trust your groomer. We feel that the key to providing our exceptional service is working to establish a personal relationship with you and your pet. We know that your pet is an important member of your family, and with The Itchy Pooch, you can have confidence that we will treat them like one.

GroomingWhy is it time to go mobile?

Your time is a precious commodity. Who wants to make multiple trips to a grooming shop just to get their pet cleaned? More importantly, who wants their pet sitting in a cramped and unsanitary kennel -- like a prisoner! -- waiting for a busy and distracted groomer to attend to them? With The Itchy Pooch, these hassles are gone because our groomers come to you.

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