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We feature Nature’s Specialties® brand shampoos which are recognized in the grooming industry as the best premium products available today, and are used by many competitive pet groomers in the USA.  They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and always gentle (yet effective) on your pet.  Your choice of premium shampoo is always FREE with your pet’s bath or haircut appointment.

Almond Crisp
A fantastic degreasing shampoo, adds texture and volume while leaving a luxurious shine and fragrance.
Aloe Bluing
Used to whiten and brighten a healthy coat without irritation.  Contains optical brighteners used for color enhancement on multi-color coats and for taking rust out of black coats.  A MUST for any white-coated pet!
Plum Silky
Softly cleanses the skin and coat leaving a pleasant plum scent and shine that lasts for days.  Recommended especially for puppies.
Coconut Clean
A great texturizing shampoo with conditioners.  Removes tangles and has a long lasting creamy coconut fragrance. 
High Concentrate
Shampoo for very dirty dogs!  Cuts grease without stripping your pet’s natural oils.  Leaves them with a show-quality coat and a fresh clean scent.  Only one bath needed, even for the biggest stinkers.
Hypo Aloe-Genic
For pets with allergies that cannot tolerate most shampoos.  This shampoo contains an extremely mild soap that gently cleans the skin and coat without causing allergic reactions. 
Colloidal Oatmeal
Soothing relief for dry and irritated skin.  With a natural oat grain derivative that restores moisture to your pet’s skin and coat, this shampoo is ideal for anyone’s itchy pooch.
Flea and Tick
Get rid of your pet’s unwanted guests. This conditioning shampoo, with pyrethins for effective flea and tick control, contains protein and lanolin to prevent skin dryness and to give the coat deep down luster and sheen.
And More!
Additional shampoos are also available seasonally! 

Join our family today! Please contact us to schedule your first appointment, and you will discover why starting a relationship with The Itchy Pooch is one of the most rewarding decisions you and your pet will ever make.


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subdog3Why is it time to go mobile?

Your time is a precious commodity. Who wants to make multiple trips to a grooming shop just to get their pet cleaned? More importantly, who wants their pet sitting in a cramped and unsanitary kennel -- like a prisoner! -- waiting for a busy and distracted groomer to attend to them? With The Itchy Pooch, these hassles are gone because our groomers come to you.

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You should be able to trust your groomer. We feel that the key to providing our exceptional service is working to establish a personal relationship with you and your pet. We know that your pet is an important member of your family, and with The Itchy Pooch, you can have confidence that we will treat them like one.

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