frequently asked questions

We accept cash, all major credit cards, checks and Venmo.
Dogs requiring more than one person to handle due to size, temperament, aggression, coat condition will require a special handling fee. They tend to require additional time and assistance.
We will do our best to accommodate every size of dog. If the dog requires a groomer assistant due to size and temperament, we will have to charge a special handling fee.
We will do our best to remove subtle matting if humanely possible. Additional dematting fees will apply. We believe in humanity over vanity and will not attempt to brush out severely matted coats. We want pets to enjoy the grooming process.
Due to liability issues only our employees and pets are allowed within the grooming vans. We understand the desire to check in and watch the grooming process, however it can be distracting to the pet and tends to get them overly excited when their owners pop in during the middle of the groom.
We do not. We are priced based on the expected amount of time taken per pet.
24 hour notice of cancellation prior to the appointment is required to avoid a $75 cancellation fee.

We are 100% self contained with fresh water tanks and generators to operate our equipment.

During the first service we do request the owner be present for the entire groom. After the first initial appointment the groomers are able to get the pet out of the backyard, kennel, or home only at the owners request.
Yes we do, as long as they are able to tolerate the grooming process without adding stress on themselves.
For the safety of our groomers we require current rabies vaccines. We recommend up to date Bordetella, Boosters, and Flu.
We recommend that all puppies have completed their booster series of puppy shots prior to grooming.

If a dog comes in with discharge coming from their eyes or nose. Blood from the rectal area. Cough or sneezing we will ask that you reschedule your appointment after a vet visit.

If the dog has a known medical condition that is being treated under the care of a veterinarian please make our groomers known of the condition prior to the grooming appointment. Heart condition, epilepsy, clotting disorders, diabetes are examples of conditions we should know about so we can be aware to watch for signs of distress during the grooming process.

Depends! We will always attempt however if the safety of our staff or the pet is at risk we will deny service. We will only use muzzles in sever cases of aggression. Our goal is to make the pets comfortable and familiar with the grooming process so that we see a decline in aggression over continued grooming.

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